Jürgen Höller is considered Germany's most successful motivational speaker. Höller's show has the character of an American worship service and his altar is the stage: dancing, singing, cheering - a worship of capitalism, the preaching of success, wealth, faith in oneself and Jürgen Höller.
Höller, like few others, unites the attributes of a self-made man: millionaire, despite having lost millions once his company went public, a well-trained body, tanned skin, and an eternal toothpaste smile. Höller, whose shows and seminars are based on constantly upgrading - critics speak of a snowball principle - hits the zeitgeist of individualistic self-optimization and neo-liberal growth pursuit.
The 'Höller empire' is one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in Germany and is the market leader for motivation training in the German-speaking world. At the age of 19, in 1982, Höller started in Schweinfurt as an entrepreneur, and now wants to expand worldwide.

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