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Jakob Schnetz (b.1991, GER) is a photographer and visual artist based in Münster, Germany.
He is a graduate of the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme at Hanover University of Applied Arts and Sciences. His work focusses, beside assignments, on societal structures within the topics of economy, identity and representation. Schnetz´s works have been published, awarded and exhibited internationally.

Available for editorial / corporate assignments and collaborations.
For business, inquiries, collaborations, print- and book sales contact via mail.

2012-2018 BA Studies of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, Hanover University of Applied Arts and Sciences, Germany
2016 Exchange Semester, Studies of Journalism and Photojournalism at Tomsk State University, Russia

GEO, Der Spiegel, Spiegel Wissen, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Süddeutsche Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, ZEIT Online, ZEIT Campus, DUMMY, fluter, Wired, 6mois, Wallpaper*, Harvard Business Manager, manager magazin, Weekendavisen, DeVolkskrant, Ostlook Magazine, Ostpol Magazin, Hant Magazin, TAZ

Berghof Foundation, Trigema, Federal Foreign Office Germany, Ace&Tate, defakto, Junge Oper Hannover, Junges Theater Hannover, Oper Bonn, Oper Hannover, Staatstheater Linz, Kampnagel Hamburg, Lichthof Theater Hamburg

2019 Shortlist Kassel Photobook Dummy Award, Germany
2019 Shortlisted for Kolga Award, Georgia
2019 Shortlisted at PHM Grant for Solo exhibition at PhEST, Italy
2018 Winner Bronze Medal German Photobook Award, selfpublishing category, Germany
2018 Finalist Cortona On The Move New Visions, Italy
2018 Riga Photomonth Selection, Latvia
2018 Shortlist Sony World Photography Awards, professional competition, creative category, GB
2018 Finalist LensCulture Exposure Award, Netherlands
2017 Winner Silver Medal Moscow International Photo Awards, portfolio category, Russia
2017 Nominated for N-Ost Reportage Award, Germany
2017 Shortlisted for Kolga Award, Georgia
2016 Winner LensCulture Emerging Talent Award, Netherlands
2016 Winner PDN Photo Annual, student category, USA
2016 Winner 1st place German Youth Photo Prize, Germany
2016 Shortlisted for Kolga Award, Georgia
2016 Voies Off Selection, France
2015 Winner Gabriel Grüner Grant, Germany
2015 Nominated for Felix Schoeller Emerging Talent Award, Germany
2015 Winner 1st place German Youth Photo Prize, Germany
2015 Winner silver medal, interpretive eye and bronze medal, general news at College Photographer of the Year Award, USA
2015 Shortlisted for Kolga Award, Georgia
2014 Winner VGH Photo Award, Germany

2019 'PLACE OF PROMISE', Edition Lammerhuber
2018 'PPT MAGAZIN', self-published by Jakob Schnetz

2019 Kolga Award Catalogue
2017 Russian Diary, Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, Artist Catalogue
2017 Kolga Award Catalogue
2017 HANT Magazin Restrospective Exhibition Catalogue
2016 Vom Aufhören und Weitermachen, GAF Galerie für Fotografie Exhibition Catalogue
2016 Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism Catalogue
2016 Kolga Award Catalogue
2015 Kolga Award Catalogue

2019 Der Standard
2019 Deutschlandfunk Kultur
2019 GOSEE
2019 PHmuseum
2018 World Photography Organisation
2017 LFI
2017 ART IN
2015 Deutschlandfunk
2014 VGH

2019 'ULTIMA THULE' Book Dummy, c/o Kassel Photobook Dummy Award, PHOTOEspana, Madrid, Spain (group)
2019 'ULTIMA THULE' Book Dummy, Kassel Fotobookfestival, Kassel, Germany (group)
2019 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', Ostlook Platform Exhibition, Tblisi, Georgia (group)
2019 'ROBBY', Kolga Tblisi Award, Tblisi, Georgia (group)
2019 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN, Literaturhaus St. Jakobi, Hildesheim, Germany (solo)
2018 'PEOPLE PLACE TECHNOLOGY', Galerie für Fotografie, Hannover (group)
2018 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', Galerie Bohai, Hannover, Germany (solo)
2018 'TRADE SHOW', Biennale de la Photographie Freiburg Mulhouse, Kunsthalle L6, Freiburg, Germany (group)
2018 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', Cortona On The Move New Visions, Italy (group) (projection)
2018 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', Riga Photomonth Selection, Latvia (group) (projection)
2018 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', Sony World Photography Awards, Somerset House, London GB (group) (projection)
2017 'A REINDEER AND A BURNING OIL CAN', 'CHRONOLOGY OF A FAILURE', Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany (solo)
2017 'COLD PEACE', HANT Magazin Retrospective, Kunsthalle Erfurt, Germany (group)
2017 'PRESENCE/ABSENCE', Ver.di Höfe, Hannover, Germany (group)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Visa Off/Visa pour l'image , Perpignan, France (group)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', ICP Museum, New York , USA (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', PhotOn Festival, Valencia, Spain (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Art Photo Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', FestFoto Brazil, Porto Alegre, Brazil (group) (screening)
2017, 'TRADE SHOW', Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow, Poland (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Los Angeles Festival of Photography, Los Angeles, USA (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Odessa//Batumi Photo Days Festival , Odessa, Ukraine (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK (group) (projection)
2017 'WAR AS USUAL', 'MARSHRUTKA', Kolga Tblisi Award, Tblisi, Georgia (group)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Month of Photography Denver, Denver, USA (group) (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Focus Photography Festival, Mumbai, India (group) (projection)
2017 'COLD PEACE', German Youth Photo Award, Forum Gestaltung, Magdeburg, Germany (projection)
2017 'TRADE SHOW', Photo Award Hoepfner-Stiftung, Industrie u. Handelskammer, Karlsruhe, Germany (group)
2016 'TRADE SHOW', GAF Galerie für Fotografie, Hanover, Germany (group)
2016 'TRADE SHOW', Tiradentes Photo Festival, Tiradentes, Brazil (group) (projection)
2016 'TRADE SHOW', Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism, Hanover, Germany (group)
2016 'COLD PEACE', German Youth Photo Award, photokina, Cologne, Germany (group)
2016 'TRADE SHOW', Leica "Upcoming Masters" Exhibition, photokina, Cologne, Germany (group)
2016 'COLD PEACE', Voies Off Award Selection, Fotoistanbul Festival, Istanbul, Turkey (group) (projection)
2016 'TRADE SHOW', Voies Off Award Selection, Fotofestival Voies Off, Arles, France (group) (projection)
2016 'COLD PEACE', Kolga Tblisi Award, Tblisi, Georgia (group)
2015 'TRADE SHOW', Felix Schoeller Award, Kulturgeschichtliches Museum Osnabrück, Germany (group)
2015 'TRADE SHOW', Kolga Tblisi Award, Tbilisi, Georgia (group)
2015 'TRADE SHOW', German Youth Photo Award, Haus der Geschichte, Berlin, Germany (group)
2015 'THE VISON OF ERDOGAN', Trienniale of Photography, Hamburg, Germany (group)
2014 'TRADE SHOW', VGH Award, VGH Galerie, Hanover, Germany (solo)
2013 'THE VISON OF ERDOGAN', Mosaik Istanbul, Galerie Kulturreich, Hamburg, Germany (group)


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